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  1. Hello, can i convert the
    Epson ET-M21220
    for sublimation?

    1. Hi Patrik, you mentioned ET-M21220 but do you mean ET-M2120? I believe that model is sold in Ireland. I am not familiar with what sublimation ink is available there. I am familiar with the US models and supplies as I deal with those for my business and also use them for writing these posts. But I will do further research and will email you once I get more info. 🙂

  2. Can I conver expression 4105 for sublimation

    1. Hi Alexis,
      The XP-4105 needs cartridges with chips for the printer to recognize the ink. You would have to buy the CISS chipless ink tanks that has be to be used with a chipless firmware. Even if they’re chipless, there’s no guarantee that your XP-4105 will recognize it and work. If you want the ink tank supplier, email me (see contact us page) and I’ll share their name. I have not had any experience with that company so I can’t vouch for them which is the reason why I won’t publish it publicly.

  3. What is the replacement tank # for epson 2803

    1. What tank are you trying to change on the ET-2803? The ink tanks? They do not need to be replaced if you’re low on ink. You just have to pour more ink in the tanks.

  4. Hello, I live in England. Is the EPSON EcoTank ET-2810 suitable for sublimation?

  5. It seems to me so long as you can get empty reusable ink cartridges for your Espon printer, you can print with sublimation ink. I received an Artisan 730 and I can just buy the empty reusable ink cartridges. I think I sure will do that and load them with sublimation ink. No issues there right?

    1. Yes, if you put sublimation ink into the printer, it may work. But some ink cartridges have a chip that the has to be read by the printer in order for it to work. If that chip is not recognized by the printer, it will not print. A lot of people run into that problem when using those cartridges.

  6. Can Epson printer 2720 be convert to a sublimation

  7. There’s not much info about the ET 4800. How does it compare to the ET 2400? Long story short, I ordered the 2400 but it was substituted with the 4800 for the same price. Keep 4800 or return for 2400?

      1. Holly Willis says:

        Thanks! I know many of the extra features aren’t really useful for sublimation, but I wasn’t sure. I appreciate your website. I learned a lot more about this craft by researching via your site.

        1. You’re welcome and glad I can help. You can find beginner tutorials here too. Get started on making Christmas Ornaments with the free sublimation designs I have. Just let me know if you have any other questions.

          By the way, you can also use the scan feature when you need to create a template for a sublimation blank. So that scan feature will come in handy someday. That’s in my long list of video tutorials to make.

  8. Hi, can an Epson XP-3155 be converted to sublimation .. if so how do you rate this printer overall ? .. I would be using it for mug and clothing printing

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Converting an Epson XP printer can be a hassle. They need ink cartridges that that has a chip for the printer to read. If you buy a 3rd party ink cartridge that has sublimation ink in it to convert the printer, then the Epson printer will know that it is not a real Epson cartridge (because of the chip). The Epson printer may or may not work. Most people have reported that the only way to get that 3rd party cartridge with chip to work is to get a chip resetter…another expense. And even if it’s reset, it may work one day then just stop working the next day. So converting an XP series is a big gamble now a days. The easiest ones to convert would be an Ecotank series.

  9. I am looking at a used Epson WF 7620 A3 printer that is from Europe, so it has a region lock on it. If I convert it to a sublimation printer, will that eliminate the region lock on it, or would it still not work here in North America?

    1. That all depends on the type of cartridges you get for your WF printer. You’ll have to ask your supplier if their cartridge’s chip can be recognized by a region-locked printer.

  10. Juan M Maldonado says:

    Good morning, I just purchased an ET 3850 and was wondering if it can be used for sublimation prints.

    1. Yes, that can be used for sublimation. Just add sublimation ink instead of the ink that it came with. Good luck and let me know if you need help with converting it.

  11. Ce Castle says:

    Can an Epson L4260 be converted to sublimation printing? Thank you.

    1. The Epson L4260 looks like a standard Ecotank that has the integrated ink tank where you just fill the tanks with the sublimation ink. So you should be able to convert it to a sublimation printer. But since I cannot get my hands on this version of the printer in the US, I cannot say that I am 100% certain.

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